Supporting Strong Connections... Nurturing Solid Development... Strengthening Steady Community...

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The ROC 
for Homeschoolers

About The ROC


Teacher Tom, Managing Member of Think Robot, LLC Robotics and Educational Services, teaches Literature, Improv, and Science, as well as several Robotics classes. 

Teacher Michael, Drawing
Miss Bailay of In Grandma's
Attic Ballet Program

Educators from the MET, CMA, CMOM & Hall of Science


Teacher Pope, Chemistry and Magic

Teacher Ifang, Mandarin

Teachers Not Pictured:
  • Instructor Prego, Capoeira
  • Alexi Erenkov, Playschool ROC!
  • Tinamarie Panyard, Storytelling Little Laureates!
  • Amy Heller, Ballroom Dance
  • Jacqueline, Leor, Dan, Brandon, and Al for Lego Robotics 
  • Patreece Randall, American Sign Language
  • Steven Tenney, Math
  • Daphna Dabach, Art & Art History
  • Carol Bues, Art & Art History and Sewing
  • Avril Dannenbaum Sewing 


Personally, I just believe that no matter how diverse our community(ies) is(are), no matter our different we are from each other, no matter how different each of our needs and desires are from one another, there are spaces and places where we can meet, either literally, or figuratively (philosophically/goalistically/emotionally/mentally, etc.), and I have made it my mission to seek out, acknowledge, support and cultivate those spaces.  No matter how grand or even minute that they may be,  And, as long as I am involved with The ROC, that is the kind of place it will be.  As long as I remain a person , that is the kind of person I will be.  (see, I'm trying to become a cyborg or clone so I can be in two places at once and get more done -
but not having much success on that project yet).

I just wanted a place for homeschooling families to be able to get together on a consistent basis.  Then once it looked like we had acquired a space, I thought since we will be here, perhaps we could use this as a opportunity to create an environment of enriching activities where our children could play, learn, discover and explore.

The dream became a reality when I was lucky to find awesome teachers who are not only passionate about their subjects, but who love sharing their knowledge of their specialties with our children, and community. 

It's truly been a pleasure to provide our communities with this option, among the many wonderful homeschooling options in New York City.  It has been touching to see families connecting/bonding, meeting up with their old friends, and making new friends.  And, it's been exciting to watch our children growing, learning and playing together while simultaneously aiding us parents as we facilitate and encourage our children's educational pursuits, and overall development.

Beyond the physical space, for me, The ROC for Homeschoolers is about creating environments that support strong connections, nurture solid development, and strengthen, albeit even a fluid, community.

Thank you all for your support and participation!


ROC organizer, Kaye McFarland, has been organizing classes for the homeschooling community for many years.   What grew out of a weekly playgroup became academic classes as the children got older.  It all started with a Sign Language class that Kaye set up for her children and their friends, which happened to coincide with her joining the Chialist - One of NYCHEA's online groups.  Once online, Kaye was able to offer the Sign Language class to the entire NYC homeschooling community, and it grew quickly.  

Soon "playtime in the gym" became a regular event after the class,  so that's when Kaye and Leslie Hurdle decided to organize more classes so their children could continue being together socializing, while they were also learning and developing academically.

Kaye McFarland with her son Jeffrey at The ROC
(the other student is Samuel Ramirez)