Supporting Strong Connections... Nurturing Solid Development... Strengthening Steady Community...

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         The ROC 
            ((Resource and Opportunity Center) 
                                    for Homeschoolers

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***New Co-op forming for ages 5-7, sign up on the Sign Up! page!***

Sneak Peak at current Fall 2014 schedule below, Winter 2015 coming soon!
Mondays: 12:00 Regent's Math Prep, 1:00 Chemistry, 2:00 Math ages 7-11, 2:30 Video Production for Teens, 3:00 Fencing, 4:00 Descriptive Writing for Teens, 4:00 Writer's Workshop for ages 7-11, 5:00 Chess, 5:00 Cooking, 5:00 Photography,  6:00 Advanced Lego Robotics, 6:30 TMP Movie Club (select Mondays)
Wednesdays: 1:30 Lego Robotics,   2nd Thursdays: 4:30 Improv & Movie Club 
Fridays: 11:00 Music/Video ages 7-12, 12:00 Song Writing & Recording, 12:00 Lego Robotics, 12:30 History through Jazz & Blues, 1:15 Astronomy, 1:30 CollPrep Writing, 2:30 Fencing, 2:30 String Theory, 3:30 Ping Pong
ALSO - TMP Teen Membership Program throughout each week, and the annual Halloween Party followed by awesome East Village trick or treating, Friday October 31st!!!
and stay tuned, more to come...

Fencing Mondays & Fridays!!!
En Garde! 

The ROCbotics Lego Robotics Team advanced to the NYC Championships!!! 
New season starts in the Fall, team meetings on Monday evenings


The ROC's Membership Program!!!

Hello Families!

Set with a category for every family, and even a special membership created just for Teens as well!
Memberships cover all members of a family's household*, and are based on an annual system covering up to 12 months depending on when in the year you sign up.  Although prorating undermines the goals of the program and are not possible, the savings still add up quickly and the value of stabilizing a home for homeschoolers in New York City is priceless. 

In addition to contributing to the security of The ROC's sustainability and ability to maintain the crucial expenses of rent and insurance necessary to secure space in New York City, membership dues can also help sustain other much needed items such as equipment, supplies, materials, furniture, etc., and help fund other essentials such as our teachers, teams, clubs, and staff, and/or even sponsor meetings, conferences, and events, as well as support other important community building endeavors.

You do not have to become a member to enjoy and join in on all the learning fun at The ROC, but the Membership Program allows registered families to enjoy amazing discounts, benefits and privileges while simultaneously ensuring the stability of our Home for Homeschoolers!

Membership categories are as follows:

General Member $100, entitles members to all of the following:
-10% discount off all eligible classes
-15% off classroom space rental
-5% off event space rental
-Free use of The ROC's supplies and materials

Contributing Member $500, entitles Contributors to all of the following:
-50% discount off all eligible classes (for example a $210 class fee becomes about $105)
-25% off classroom space rental
-50% off event space rental
-Free unlimited use of The ROC's supplies and materials

Supporting Member $1,000, entitles Supporters to all of the following:
-75% discount off all eligible classes (for example a $210 class fee becomes about $50)
-50% off classroom space rental
-80% off event space rental
-Free unlimited use of The ROC's supplies and materials
-Free storage for class/event supplies, materials, equipment, etc.

Sponsoring Member $5,000, entitles Sponsors to all of the following:
-$25 to join any eligible class
-Free classroom space for up to 10 hours, $10 per hour for additional hours
-Free space for 2 events, $50% off additional events
-Free unlimited use of The ROC's supplies and materials
-Free storage for class/event supplies, materials, equipment, etc.

TEEN Member $250, entitles members to all of the following: 
This special membership is being designed in partnership with other venues populated by homeschoolers with the goal of providing a permanent sustainable program geared solely towards building community for homeschooled teens.
The program will include discounts on classes, and free use of The ROC's supplies as other membership categories do, but this special program will also include TEEN TIME - consistent weekly open hours 
supported by parent/teacher Advisors in safe spaces where homeschooling teens can have opportunities for regular interactions to share, learn, produce, create, and also make/sustain/cultivate friendships, and just hangout. Members will be free to attend TEEN TIME Open Hours how ever their schedules allow - everyday, once or twice a week, once a month, etc.

Teaching Member*
Designed on an individual basis

*Teacher and Teen Memberships only cover the individual teacher or teen registered as a member.

Finally, A home for Homeschoolers in New York City!!!
The ROC (Resource and Opportunity Center) for Homeschoolers is open to homeschooling families in the New York City area, and serves as a gathering/meeting place and informal resource center.  Through the offering of memberships, programs, classes, workshops, free playtime and activities, families can enjoy socializing, and sharing/swapping - information, opinions, materials and/or meals, etc - while learning and playing together with other homeschooling families.  Various classes, and activities are scheduled throughout the year at our home base in the East Village, as well as in various other locations including The Dana Discovery Center in Central Park, Different Directions Collective and the Church of St. Paul & St. Andrew on the Upper West Side and the New York Riding Academy on Randall's Island, among others.

As The ROC enters into its 8th year of existence, (Whoo hoo, Yay!) We are proud to be a part of something built and sustained entirely through community building within the New York City homeschooling community.  A small group of homeschooling families have been able to acquire and maintain a  space through a tightly coordinated cooperative effort.  In other words, we threw all of our resources into one pot and secured the first space in New York City that is completely dedicated to homeschoolers -- 24 hours a day/6 and a half days a week.  It's 6000 square feet, with two full kitchens, stocked full with tables and chairs, and a wonderful piano!  Located in the East Village, convenient to parks, libraries, NYU, Cooper Union, and public transportation - the F to 2nd Avenue, the 6 to Bleeker, or the B, D or M to Broadway/Lafayette.

The ROC was designed to be a community effort and your constructive input and hands on help (especially hands on help!) is absolutely welcome. Please make an appointment to stop by, come and sit in on a class or two, or stay for the whole the day, and if adjustments to the schedule and/or offerings could make a difference for you signing up or getting involved, or if you see areas that can use your expert advice and/or practical assistance, please let us know about it.

The ROC Home for Homeschoolers is where every homeschooling family can make it what they want it to be.  How many other places provide homeschooling families with opportunities like that?