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         The ROC 
            ((Resource and Opportunity Center) 
for Homeschoolers

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What's coming soon - Spring Term begins April 14th!!!

Utility Belt? Check. Super speed, mega strength, flight, mutant powers, invisibility cloak? Check, check. And what about the turbo suit, gadgets, and gizmos that would make a physicist green with envy?  In this multi-media, activity based class, the real science of some of the most world renowned superheroes (and maybe some super villains) will be investigated.
A diverse scope of scientific theories, principals and topics such as -
Spiderman and Arachnology/Zoology; X-Men/Ninja Turtles and Genetics/Genetic Mutation; The Hulk/Captain America and Bioengineering/Epigenetic Modification, Thor/Storm and Meteorology; Iron Man/Big Hero 6 and Physics/Robotic Prostheses, and much more will be examined and analyzed.

THE SCIENCE OF MEDICATION - What' s Your Cabinet?  (Introductory Class to Pharmacy Tech Program)
Nowadays we live in a media culture in which many of the top selling drug names (such as Allegra, Cymbalta and Nexium) are common knowledge.  But, not many of us know the history of these medications, the interesting ways of how they were developed or discovered (some still from things like snake venom!), fascinating stories of their original intended uses (class of drugs used in World War II for weight loss that is now commonly prescribed for focus and concentration), and, of course, the exact science of how each of them work in conjunction with human physiology.

This introductory class for teens and adults will teach the top 200 drugs and the foundations of drug development. An understanding of the top 200 drugs is one of the first steps for students interested in taking the test to become a certified pharmacy technician. Pharmacy technicians work part-time and full time  in drug stores, hospitals and nursing homes. We will discuss the basic steps of drug development and cover beta and alpha receptor blockers, ACE inhibitors,ADHD, allergy and Alzheimer classes of drugs, and more.

Students are introduced to the OAS Program and archery as an Olympic Sport! They will learn everything from how to determine eye dominance, back tension and expanding the sense of body awareness. aiming in the shot cycle, sight use, string alignment/blur, timing, shot rhythm, scoring basics, competition formats and more!

The study of life has been going on for centuries, figuring out why life is the way that it is, and how it got here.  
We are closer than ever to fully understanding this, and we learn more every day. 

This hands on class will concentrate study around questions of life, and life processes - students will learn about genetics, evolution, immunology, and our place in all of it.  The goal is for students to fully comprehend key biological concepts through discussion and experimentation.  The long-term objective of this class is that students will be able to apply their core understandings to complex real world issues and examples.

Winter 2015 schedule currently underway! 

Winter 2015 classes for TEENS

12:00 Tuesdays, CHEMISTRY for TEENS


2:30 Tuesdays, ASTRONOMY: Our Solar System, and the Dark Side of the Universe

3:00 Tuesdays, JAPANESE:Beginner/Intermediate

4:00 Tuesdays, FENCING: Sword Play and Games

How to Write for College


5:00 Cooking from Around the World  


2:00 or 4:30, Fridays, MATH: Regent's and general Test Prep

2:30 Fridays, FENCING: Sword Play and Games

Member prices range from $230 - to as low as $25 per term, check out info about memberships on the Sign Up! page.

To register, please email including student's name, age, and title and time of class or classes that student(s) will attend.

FENCING! En Garde!
Tuesdays & Fridays

The ROCbotics Lego Robotics team advance to NYC Championships AGAIN!!!
Come out and support them at Jacob Javits March 14th!

Science Fair!
This year's date is set!  May 14, 2015

Winter 2015 classes for AGES 5-12

11:30 Tuesdays, PORTFOLIO PARADE for
AGES 5-8 

LEGO ROBOTICS for Beginners
Wednesdays 1:30, Fridays 12:00
(also Thursdays at 10am at DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS)

11:00 Tuesdays, CHEMISTRY for AGES 8-12

1:00 Tuesdays, GENERAL SCIENCE for
AGES 8-12

2:30 Tuesdays, ASTRONOMY: Our Solar System, and the Dark Side of the Universe


4:00 Tuesdays, FENCING: Sword Play and Games

5:00 Cooking from Around the World

12:00, or 1:00 or 2:30 WRITER'S WORKSHOP for AGES 7-11

4:00 Fridays, GAMES and FUN with MATH for AGES 7-11



Finally, A home for Homeschoolers in New York City!!!

The ROC (Resource and Opportunity Center) for Homeschoolers is open to homeschooling families in the New York City area, and serves as a gathering/meeting place and informal resource center.  Through the offering of memberships, programs, classes, workshops, free playtime and activities, families can enjoy socializing, and sharing/swapping - information, opinions, materials and/or meals, etc - while learning and playing together with other homeschooling families.  Various classes, and activities are scheduled throughout the year at our home base in the East Village, as well as in various other locations including The Dana Discovery Center in Central Park, Different Directions Collective and the Church of St. Paul & St. Andrew on the Upper West Side and the New York Riding Academy on Randall's Island, among others.

As The ROC enters into its 8th year of existence, (Whoo hoo, Yay!) We are proud to be a part of something built and sustained entirely through community building within the New York City homeschooling community.  A small group of homeschooling families have been able to acquire and maintain a  space through a tightly coordinated cooperative effort.  In other words, we threw all of our resources into one pot and secured the first space in New York City that is completely dedicated to homeschoolers -- 24 hours a day/6 and a half days a week.  It's 6000 square feet, with two full kitchens, stocked full with tables and chairs, and a wonderful piano!  Located in the East Village, convenient to parks, libraries, NYU, Cooper Union, and public transportation - the F to 2nd Avenue, the 6 to Bleeker, or the B, D or M to Broadway/Lafayette.

The ROC was designed to be a community effort and your constructive input and hands on help (especially hands on help!) is absolutely welcome. Please make an appointment to stop by, come and sit in on a class or two, or stay for the whole the day, and if adjustments to the schedule and/or offerings could make a difference for you signing up or getting involved, or if you see areas that can use your expert advice and/or practical assistance, please let us know about it.

The ROC Home for Homeschoolers is where every homeschooling family can make it what they want it to be.  How many other places provide homeschooling families with opportunities like that?